Subdivisions that have been halted in the midst of construction may contain many deficiencies that either put the Property Owner at risk for potential damage to the site or exposure to steep fines imposed by jurisdictions for failure to comply with the law.

NPDES Monitoring/Water Quality Control
Failure to comply with a National Discharge Elimination System Permit Order (NPDES) issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) can result in heavy fines, up to $10,000 per day. In order to stay in compliance, Rutter will review all permits obtained for the development and ensure the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) will continue to be maintained to avoid costly fines.

Erosion Control
Proper erosion control is necessary to absorb the energy of wind or water and avoid costly damage to development sites that have yet to be completed and landscaped. Ensuring sediment controls such as silt fences and sand bags are functioning properly is a must. With the decades of experience in providing these services, especially in difficult hillside terrain, the Rutter team provide all necessary steps to be sure the site is stabilized and in compliance with the local jurisdictional authorities.

Fuel Modification
Typically in high potential fire areas, the local Fire Marshall performs multiple inspections verifying proper Fuel Modification has been completed. This not only provides protection for the property itself, but also for adjacent property owners. Rutter’s team is experienced in State of California mapped Severe High Hazard areas. We will make sure proper defensible space standards such as brush clearing are completed and infrastructure such as fire apparatus access and water supplies are available.

Abandoned properties often attract squatters and vandals that can cause problems for the owner. Rutter will provide periodic site inspections, verify proper security devices such as fencing, locks, etc. are functioning and legally removing trespassers