Whether it is first envisioning a development or somewhere along its long and complex series of processes, achievement of the objective at all times demands superior capabilities coupled with a full resume of proven, practical experience. Our seasoned professionals work in concert with a trusted core group of architects, engineers, and other specialties whose names rank among the most respected names in the business. Rutter proudly brings these time tested qualities in providing select services within the business that you may require.

The Rutter Tradition began over 80 years ago when Raymond A. Rutter started his company with the idea that homes should be built with the heart as well as the hand. His son Raymond J. Rutter founded and guided Cayman/Rutter Development Corporation more than 45 years ago, using his father’s idea to measure his own success. Those years yielded award-winning communities in Northern and Southern California, Arizona, and Hawaii, successfully filling a niche left vacant by other homebuilders.

From entry level housing to the high end, the goal – the only goal- has been to provide the best built and best designed homes in every development. Achievements in adapting product design to a site’s overall land plan have made the Rutter name synonymous with building excellence. Each Rutter home reflects a livability and timelessness that depicts a lifestyle, not merely a decade.

The Rutter Tradition, now in its third generation with Jay and Robert Rutter, stands tall today by advancing the principles that have stood as its philosophy…Homes built with the Heart as well as the Hand. Three generations in the business has allowed ample time to master and apply the practical wisdom gained from producing better and better homes.



Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Gold Nugget Merit Award
Best Low Density Residential Project Under 8DU/ACRE


Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Grand Award for Masters Series
Best Attached Unit Over 2,200 SQFT

Marketing Council of Los Angeles,
Ventura, and Santa Barbara
Best Detached Home over 1,500 SQFT


Pacific Coast Builders Conference and Builders Magazine
Gold Nugget of Merit
"Custom Home"- Palos Verdes

Sales and Marketing Council
MAME Award
Best Brochure


Los Angeles Beautiful Award